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You do not need a fishing license to only ride on the boat. But, if you “Take, attempt to take, or possess fish”, and are 16 or older, you need a fishing license. Touching a pole with no fishing license can result in expensive fines. Licenses can be purchased from the ODWC –here-, or at just about any Walmart or sporting goods store. 

A hat, snacks, a couple water bottles, fishing licenses, and a smile.  Also bring an ice chest + bag of ice (leave in your vehicle) to put the fish/filets in, at the end.

I store up to five adult life jackets on board, but you’re free to wear your own, if you want. You will need to bring your own kids sized life jackets if needed.

Capture / Photograph / Release. Some folks just like the excitement of catching a fish, and then releasing it back to the water. Since fish cleaning is not needed, that’s a $50 discount.

5 adults is the general maximum rule. But if kids are going then the number of passengers needs to be worked out between you and the boat captain. Boat loading is limited by the boat’s own rating and Oklahoma law enforcement. A general rule is 1 adult = 2 small kids.

Striped bass are native in the Atlantic ocean states. In the 1950s they discovered (by accident) they could live in freshwater. Thereafter, numerous state wildlife departments stocked them across the USA.  

A hybrid striped bass (also k/a “Wiper”) is a test tube fish. The ODWC shocks the Arkansas River waters and harvests female striped bass and male white bass in the spring. They combine the two at the Byron Oklahoma hatchery to make millions of hybrid striped bass – which they stock in numerous lakes across the state.

Sometimes fish will simply not bite, even if you put bait on their nose. I’m not in control of that. If it happens I will offer a second trip at a discounted rate.

Payment is due at the end of the trip. If you have a fun time, tips are appreciated. I don’t require a deposit.

I choose to trust you. If something unavoidable comes up, and you can’t keep your reservation, I trust that you’ll give me early warning so I have time to rebook the date.

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