Dan Brown, Fishing Guide

First of all, Yes, I’m tall. 6’7”. I came from a tall family and my kids are all tall. And yes, we like basketball. Do you like miniature golf? (old joke). So it seemed logical to tie my business name to a defining characteristic. I grew up in Tulsa & Wagoner, graduated from OSU, and have lived in Hectorville the last forty years. I was a medical electronics engineer for 37 years, working for big companies (GE & Siemens) and specializing in CT scanners. I was a national support expert and traveled the nation teaching and fixing. But as my father used to remind me, “An expert is either a drip under pressure, or an ordinary guy from out-of-town”. i retired in 2020 which allowed me to pursue full time the other passion in my life, fishing. I have had an active roll in the Oklahoma Striped Bass Association the last decade, acting as VP and admin for many of those years. The OSBA is a non-profit, who’s mission is to teach all aspects of catching Stripers and Hybrids; that and support the Oklahoma Dept of Wildlife’s hybrid striper hatchery operations.

One of the great joys in my life, other than being married to a wonderful wife, having great kids to be proud of, and being blessed with precious grandchildren, is to share my love of fishing. Celebrating with my guests as they pull a fish out of the water, makes me happy. Coaching a kid to reel a fish in with the reel screaming and the pole bending into the water, is the making of a life long memory. And it’s such a privilege to be there and making it happen. These are the joys of a guide business boat captain. And my guests often turn into life long friends.

I enjoy guiding for White (sand) Bass, Catfish, and whatever will tug my line. But my passion is for Striped bass and Hybrid Stripers. So if the wipers and stripers are biting, and there’s no twisters to watch out for here in tornado alley, I’ll be at the lake, fishing!

Thank you and God bless.